zechamp – Rock Falls, Everyone Dies

By a stroke of fate, a stone gains sentience and sets out on a grand quest to touch grass. However, the system forgot to change its stats from their [Metric] values to the appropriate [Str, Int, Dex] values. Things escalate. Fast. Features: – Cultivation  – Jade Beauties – Numbers go up (Ridiculously up. All of them) – Most balanced protagonist of all time (is round, so is balanced)

4.45 / 5
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Ravens Dagger – Dead Tired

In the distant past, a time of magic and swordplay, there lived Harold, the mightiest lich of all, a master of arcane sciences, and a challenger of gods. After reaching the pinnacle of his power and finding it surprisingly bland, Harold waged a cataclysmic war against the gods, aiming to shatter the very system that confined him. Then, he took a nap. An incredibly long nap that ends with a jolt, thanks to an unwitting adventurer who trips into Harold’s crypt. Blinking into the torchlight, Harold finds a world he barely recognizes. No more swords and sorcery, but a universe...

4.50 / 5
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Julian Greystoke & Emily Luebke – Adventurer Mage

Mages have never been kind to Maeve. She chafes against the cruel treatment of her highborn masters and does everything she can to escape her work. One night while she is hiding in the library she witnesses a clandestine meeting with a mysterious man that will set her life on a whole new trajectory. A cocky, but injured mage named Valentine makes her an offer of freedom, and that night the two save each other. Valentine’s career as an Adventurer is filled with monsters, deadly traps, and endless travel. Something about this calls to Maeve, who has only known a...

4.00 / 5
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