Gentle Rose of Radiant Waffles – The Ruins of Magincia

Gentle Rose of Radiant Waffles – The Ruins of Magincia

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4.18 / 5

Series Summary

They say all things end in time, but the exalted City of Magi would’ve begged to differ. Yet when an attempted coup goes wrong, the city finds itself brought to the very brink of destruction. 

In the wake of the calamity that left no survivors, the autonomous infrastructure still operating the ruined city seeks to restore what was lost. Luckily for it, the Mana-devoid Universe it awoke in holds an unexpected surprise: a planet full of sentient life forms. All capable—with a little help—to become the next generation of Magi.

Back on Earth, Millie McArthur is a pregnant out-of-work mechanic struggling with the prospect of moving back in with her parents after leaving her unfaithful fiancé. That is until she finds herself just one of the hundreds that have been shanghaied by the callous artificial constructs still manning the ruins of Magincia.

Now, she must struggle to learn magic, compete for resources, get good ‘grades,’ and fulfill the seemingly arbitrary requirements for her future job in this broken city. All while keeping herself, and her son, alive.

Is the miracle of magic really enough to make up for all the pain?

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