Han Yang – Dragon Riders of Lon

Han Yang – Dragon Riders of Lon

Series Rating
4.33 / 5

Series Summary

Climb the tower. Save the planet. Become a Dragon Rider.

Inside the Dragon’s Tower, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. To win, climbers from all corners must brave the harrowing floors one by one. Each floor is tougher and the higher the floor, the less success there is. After a hundred floors filled with unique challenges, a prize awaits – a dragon’s egg.

To Tem, the Dragon’s Tower seems simple from his distant farmland on the frontier. The harsh truth of the situation involves politics, personal sacrifices, and unfathomable struggles to keep advancing. The fate of world rests in the hands of the brave, and Tem is not one to back down from a fight.

Warning: This book has LitRPG stats. It involves gear, attributes, and leveling up. It also is set in a fantasy world with mythical creatures and magic. There is no explicit sexual content but some of the fighting can be brutal.

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