Harmon Cooper – The World According to Dragons

Harmon Cooper – The World According to Dragons

Series Rating
4.45 / 5

Series Summary

An infamous relic hunter. A legendary dragon. The journey of a lifetime.

Twillo lies bleeding out in a volcanic desert. Towering over him is a snarling red wolf, death only seconds away. Right as his vision is going black, a mysterious voice offers Twillo a chance at survival.

Do you agree to bind souls?

It is the voice of a dragon, one that hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years. By agreeing to soulbind with the dragon, Twillo will tie himself to the dragon’s destiny, one of future conflict. He will need to cultivate the highly illegal magic power known as dragonessence, and seek instruction across the Four Kingdoms of the Sagaland. It will take practice, circumstance, and luck from a divine source.

Even then, Twillo may not survive.

The entire world is at stake. No one knows their fate is in the hands of a mysterious relic hunter turned unlikely hero…

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