J.C. Nelson – Stray Beast Master

J.C. Nelson – Stray Beast Master

Series Rating
4.35 / 5

Series Summary

In a world where the Classless can only hope to survive and Adventurers have all the power, Kaden Birch traded the chance to change his life in order to save another’s. But when he’s given the opportunity to start work in Beast Control, Kaden find more than he’s ever hoped for. Friends, Skills, and the trail of a lost Class with the power to let Kaden make the new life he’s been waiting for.

The only things standing in his way? Adventurers. Poisonous snakes. Cosmic Horrors from beyond this universe, and even worse, city bureaucracy. For a Classless man on a Quest to become a BeastMaster, nothing is certain, except Taxes. Those are certain.

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