J. V. Simms – Empress


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J. V. Simms – Empress

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio Mature Content 1 Book(s)

When an ambitious teenage girl from Earth finds herself in a magical realm, she could be the hero—but she’d prefer to be the villain.

When power-hungry Everly is reborn into a medieval world where elemental magic rules and she receives her elemental servants—the oddly sadistic Eris and the fun-loving Titania—years earlier than one typically would, she knows she’s destined for a command of necromantic magic the likes of which her peers can only dream.

Though she’s the bastard daughter of a count and a precariously positioned concubine, Everly is determined to be a conqueror, warlord, and queen. She could be the hero of the realm, the person to save everyone, with her protectors—the Silver Lance—and her beautiful mage lover by her side.

But Everly’s no hero. She’s an aspiring villain, seeking the freedom that comes with doing wrong. And before long, she’ll make everyone fear the name of the Empress…

Female NarratorKindle UnlimitedAudio Book Both Modern & Fantasy Worlds    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Isekai/TransmigrationSuperheroes/Villains Lead Female Magic General AbilitiesEarth MagicMelee General AbilitiesDeathElemental MagicCheat PowerMind MagicNecromancer EvilRuthlessSmug / Arrogant Has Familiar/PetsOP (Over Powered)Young Moderate Progression Third Person Medium Paced Solo Focus Light Stats

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