James Ghoul – Hawkin’s Magic Beers


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James Ghoul – Hawkin’s Magic Beers

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written 2 Book(s)

Hawkin rejected adventure to pursue a slower pace of living. Isolated in the wilderness far away from civilization, he fends for himself using the axe he earned on the Lumberjack quest path—the quest path he’d gladly disabled long ago.

After ten rugged years alone in the northern forests, visitors begin to appear. First an ancient, overpowered monster who becomes more friend than foe, then a lost, traveling trio of monks with a peculiar set of skills. The monks share a beer so good that Hawkin is moved to return to the dreaded system he’d long ago abandoned. Hesitantly, he accepts the Brewer’s path.

Dellia, one of a thousand gods, seeks Hawkin’s help to expand her influence among humans. She promises to guide him along the path to becoming one of the greatest brewers the world has ever known. Hawkin’s only condition is that he never leaves his woods. When goblins encroach on his territory, Hawkin’s peaceful existence becomes compromised. Refusing to leave the woods—his true home—he forges an alliance with unlikely companions and sets forth on a journey to brew magic beer.

Numbers go up. Some monsters cause occasional conflict; others become companions. Gods and a system provide quests and rewards in this slice of life adventure.

EbookKindle Unlimited Slice of Life    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    ProfessionCookingActive GodsSystem (Intelligent Entity) Lead Male Non Combatant First Person Slow Paced

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