Jason Hill – Artisan

Jason Hill – Artisan

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4.47 / 5

Series Summary

Leif Craftsman was born to a family of crafters. His father focused on blacksmithing and woodworking while his mother did the weaving and ceramics. Both parents were also enchanters and kept that skill set secret since people in positions of power would force any enchanters they found into servitude or at the least attempt to take advantage of the enchanters’ and their skills. Tragedy strikes during Leif’s teen years and he is forced to leave his coastal home village. A few years later, Leif heads to the western mountain frontier in an effort to live life his way and to put the past behind.

This is a slice of life story with a heavy focus on crafting and enchanting instead of action, though there will be a smidge of action here and there. Some of the crafting will be shown in a fair amount of detail while repeat productions of the initial object will be glossed over. Don’t worry, it won’t be like reading a tutorial nor do I go into that much detail. The story has the occasional swearing, but nothing excessive. Constant swearing loses the impact of the swear. The story will also hint at sex since Leif is a young man, but will never show any explicit content.

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