Jason Hill – Trader Jim’s

Jason Hill – Trader Jim’s

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Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Don’t be shy. Step right up. Are you looking for a story where the MC is not a do it all type? You sir! Yes, you. Do you want to see a tradesperson actually use their skills in pursuit of their craft instead of fighting to save the world? Ma’am, are you tired of the blacksmith bashing heads with their hammer instead of metal? Kid, if you’re looking for a lot of action or high stakes, there is a card game being played in the tavern over yonder. If you want a story that is designed to be a simple slice of life tale that is a fun, easy, and relaxing read, then right this way folks, because Trader Jim’s is for you!

Stormgion is a fantasy game world come to life and Jim is sent there by a powerful being. All the classic fantasy races live on this world but there are stats and levels as well! It is a dream come true, except technology is nonexistent as are most of the comforts of earth. Being forced into slavery or indenture is a very real possibility for the criminal and those caught by the unscrupulous. Jim decides to become a merchant after witnessing how a merchant in a village lives in comfort and luxury surrounded by servants and guards.

There are problems with that choice. Jim has nothing to sell, no money, or even knowledge of his new world. Jim discovers Stormigion is not a safe place and that he will have to travel to peddle his wares. The biggest problem is that Jim really doesn’t have a clue about being a merchant. As a merchant, Jim will not have the fighting prowess of a warrior or magic like a mage. What Jim does have is his imagination and the ability to “invent” earth products in Stormgion, and profit from them if he lives long enough to do so or doesn’t get ripped off.

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