Jay Boyce – Rise of the Mystic Mage

Jay Boyce – Rise of the Mystic Mage

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4.63 / 5

Series Summary

Reborn five years in the past. A second chance to do everything over. What would you do?

For Ashlyn, being reborn five years in the past is both a boon and a bane. She’s reborn in the wreckage of tragedy, forced to deal with a life that she messed up before. Now, all she has to show for her life is five years of accumulated knowledge in the greatest virtual reality game ever released – Elysium – and the pain of friendships lost.

This time, Ashlyn is going to make a difference. This time, she’s going to fix the mistakes she made and save the relationships she lost. And to do that, she’s going to use all the knowledge she gained from the future to blaze her way to the top with a new class: the Mystic Mage.

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