Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue & Jonathan – The Body’s Dungeon


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Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue & Jonathan – The Body’s Dungeon

LitRPG & GameLit Completed - WrittenCompleted - Audio 3 Book(s)

In the icy north exists a young orphan, and a war on a microscopic scale.

Marstin Hardgrove was orphaned at a young age, forced to live on the streets, and needed to turn to thievery to survive. When a special job assigned to him by the Thieves’ Guild went awry, the guild leadership punished him with a beating, compelled him to eat dirt and rocks to soothe his hunger, and left him to die in an abandoned mine. Unbeknownst to the young thief, when he was forced to eat that handful of dirt and rocks…he also ended up swallowing a tiny dungeon crystal.

Thrown into a highly unusual world filled with cells, bacteria, and other dangerous pathogens, the tiny dungeon crystal is, at first, confused by his surroundings. After seeing how the different complex systems of the body work together, the crystal is quickly fascinated; it isn’t long before he decides that, instead of trying to escape, he wants the body for himself. He wants to possess the living being for his own use as a crystal, wholly unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

To get to that point, however, the fledgling dungeon crystal has to learn how to survive against the different enemies trying to destroy him. Not only will he have to defeat the hostile pathogens standing in the way of his complete domination; but also, as a foreign invader to the body, himself, Marstin’s natural immune system sees the crystal as a threat. The only way to survive is to create his own immune cell defenders, and to place traps to prevent anything from reaching his dungeon crystal. In short: He has to turn the body into a dungeon.

But will his new Bio Dungeon be enough to keep him – and the body he wants to possess – alive?

EbookKindle UnlimitedMale NarratorPaperbackAudio Book Dungeon    Dungeon CoreKingdom / Base Builder Dungeon Core Abilities Third Person

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