Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue – The Hungry Dungeon

Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue – The Hungry Dungeon

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As a knight of Talin and adventurer, Fortuna had been fully committed to living in two worlds in order to serve the country and its people. When unexpected disaster strikes, she finds herself on the brink, only to be saved by a mysterious butler who offers her a trade: the monster she’d killed, for a meal. With nothing to lose, she accepts. The young knight finds herself invited into a magical dungeon that can appear anywhere at any time, where the patrons are served meals hunted by their own hand. Revived by the meal made from her own hunt, Fortuna learns the rules of this place and joins hands with other patrons from across the continent for the sake of food.

Meanwhile in the real world, the young knight must grapple with those who pushed her to the brink, and the family name she had run from for so long.

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