John Cressman – The Abduction Cycles


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John Cressman – The Abduction Cycles

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Ethan was just a normal guy, playing MMORPGs with his friends – and then he was abducted. Now, he’s been dropped off on a strange planet that’s orbiting a black hole. Worse, the aliens put something in his head that allows him to have a HUD and access things in a similar way to the games back home. But there’s no instruction book and no FAQ for this “game.” There’s also no respawn. Ethan’s got one shot to get it right or he’s dead!

But it’s not all bad news. Ethan’s a mage – someone who can use magic in this world. He just has to figure out how in time to save himself, his companions, and the village where he’s taken refuge before some big, bad goblin warlord comes in and kills everyone he cares about in this new world.

But hey, on the plus side – at least the aliens didn’t probe him.

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