John Quinton – The Lurran Chronicles


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John Quinton – The Lurran Chronicles

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written 3 Book(s)

Eli isn’t having the best Friday. First, he wakes up on a metal table in a strange room made of clouds. Then he gets tossed through a glowing doorway and into a raging thunderstorm to face some crazy cultists trying to sacrifice someone tied up on a nearby altar. All that in the first hour, and life was about to get even weirder.

In the fantastical world of Lurra, Eli finds himself in a society revolving around mythical bloodlines, encountering dangers like bandits, monsters, and demons. But simple survival isn’t enough, and he embarks on a journey of discovery, seeking answers to his many questions. Why was he brought here? Where did his new magical powers come from? And how does he get home to Earth? Step into the Greater Infinite, and join Eli on this grand adventure!

EbookKindle UnlimitedPaperback Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Lead Male HealerMagic General AbilitiesSupport General Abilities Analitical Light Progression Third Person Slow Paced Solo Focus Light Stats

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