JollyJupiter – Beers and Beards

JollyJupiter – Beers and Beards

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4.50 / 5

Series Summary

Stuck in a new world, his goal is simpleBuild the Tavern of his dreams!

Pete’s a simple man who enjoys a good drink amongst friends and crafting a tasty ale. Not too much to ask, right?

Now, he’s trapped in a fantasy world far from home, stuck underground and inside the body of a smelly dwarf with fantastic facial hair.

The worst part?

The swill that the dwarves are falling all over themselves to drink. It’s flat, it’s watery, and it has the alcohol content of a rancid coconut. Can Pete save the dwarves from their own sour fate, or will he be forever doomed to plink his pickaxe away in hopes that he hits the mother lode?

All he wants is to bring new and better beers to the world from a tavern like they’ve never seen before, but unfortunately altering dwarvish beer is frowned upon. So he has a lot to prove.

Read this Cozy Fantasy Adventure filled with laughter, epic fantasy, love, friendship, and a little melancholy. Beers & Beards balances LiRPG elements, Progression Fantasy & slice-of-life with charm aplenty and a charisma score high enough to make a bard blush.

It doesn’t matter if you like beer or not, this will fill your need for comforting stories!

About the series: Join Pete as he establishes a tavern from the ground up after finding himself in a new world, leveling up his skills in Brewing, Shopcraft, Charisma, and much more while he serves eccentric patrons of all shapes and sizes and proves he has the right taste. This Cozy Fantasy LitRPG is perfect for fans of Legends & Lattes, Cursed Cocktails, and Baking Bad. Does feature some monster fights and injuries. No elves or harems allowed.

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