Joshua Kern – Realms and Runes

Joshua Kern – Realms and Runes

Series Rating
4.58 / 5

Series Summary

Train together. Grow in power together. Get justice.

Erik once lived a simple life as an herb grower in a forest. But it was never meant to last. Now, he and his betrothed, Ainsley have been training tirelessly to get revenge on the men who murdered his mother.

They have come far since those young, early days.

Cultivation of the body, and the spirit, of the power within, and how to fight as a team. That is what their teacher has drilled into them day in and day out for the last few years.

It’s time for Erik and Ainsley to leave the safety of the forest and to begin their own journey, one that will take them across the realms on a path to justice.

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