Joshua Kern – The Nameless Chronicles

Joshua Kern – The Nameless Chronicles

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4.43 / 5

Series Summary

Siblings with a dangerous secret. Portals to different worlds. A world in need of magic.

Zack and his sister, Zara, are scarred from years of unrelenting and terrible experiments. When a path opens for them, one that may save them – and their sanity – they have little choice but to take it.

Possessing the ability to pass through mysterious portals and venture into mystic realms, Zack may hold the key to changing his small family’s fractured fate. Crossing over to places where ancient powers still linger.

The dangers that await them on the other side of the portals aren’t the only thing they need to be wary of. Nobles, both good and bad, have learned of them as well.

The portals provide a way to fight back, to become stronger than their foes, to capture the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Zack will do anything to keep his sister safe, and it’s time to prove it.

When you have known nothing but distrust for those in power, what would you do to remain in control of your life?

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