Joshua Kern – The Ridden


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Joshua Kern – The Ridden

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People called them different things when they first appeared, Walkers, Cryptids, Infected, the Ridden. The most popular was also the least apt, Zombies.

Chris stumbled out of his cheap motel room after the worst night of his life and straight into the apocalypse. It didn’t take him long to learn what happened, even if it was somewhat unbelievable. Doubts that are quickly dispelled with reality.

Heading to his parent’s farm, Chris is determined to make sure they are safe. Joining up with an old girlfriend, the two set forth to gather supplies and turn the farm into a sanctuary of their own. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones with that idea.

This is not your normal zombie apocalypse story. As Chris is about to find out, it’s not just the monsters he needs to worry about.

It’s the humans he’ll have to fight to survive.

EbookMale NarratorKindle UnlimitedPaperbackAudio Book Horror    Earth    Post-Apocalypse   Modern Era    Western CultivationCultivationGuns/Modern WeaponryShort StoryUndead Lead Male Melee General AbilitiesRanged General Abilities Anti-hero Has Familiar/Pets Moderate Progression Third Person Medium Paced Party Focus No Stats

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