Julian Greystoke & Emily Luebke – Adventurer Mage

Julian Greystoke & Emily Luebke – Adventurer Mage

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Mages have never been kind to Maeve. She chafes against the cruel treatment of her highborn masters and does everything she can to escape her work. One night while she is hiding in the library she witnesses a clandestine meeting with a mysterious man that will set her life on a whole new trajectory.

A cocky, but injured mage named Valentine makes her an offer of freedom, and that night the two save each other.

Valentine’s career as an Adventurer is filled with monsters, deadly traps, and endless travel. Something about this calls to Maeve, who has only known a life of poverty and servitude.

But Maeve’s exciting new life might be cut short, as she and Valentine are hunted by the very men she so recently escaped!

Platonic soulmates
All new magic system
Dungeon crawling adventure
LGBTQ+ characters
Food you want to eat
and more…

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