Kaz Hunter – Apocalypse Reincarnation

Kaz Hunter – Apocalypse Reincarnation

Series Rating
4.24 / 5

Series Summary

System Reborn: A LitRPG Adventure
Ten years ago, deep within a rift, a choice was granted.
Defeat the Demon King and end the apocalypse.
Or take his power for themselves and keep the rifts open.
Sloan chose an ending.

His party turned against him. They killed him.
They split his legacy and belongings amongst themselves.
They hid the truth. They profited.
Those heroes who betrayed the world.

Now he’s back.
Reborn. Reincarnated in a world where the system is life.
Reborn in a world of rift breaks and monsters spawning while so called heroes control sectors like overlords.

Rank by rank he’ll climb….
To take back what was stolen from him.
His life.

So, you want to know more? This is the story of a man out of time, appearing ten years after his death within a rift. Armed with a cheat skill, he’ll grow stronger and stronger as a Spellblade and summoner. Mixing post-apocalypse with magical realism and LitRPG flair, System Reborn is an easy LitRPG Adventure to pick up while waiting for the next big release

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