kelemit – But for a Slime

kelemit – But for a Slime

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4.06 / 5

Series Summary

Joe finds himself kidnapped by aliens, shot at a planet inside a metal ball with a parachute strapped to it, and dumped on a planet full of people who can’t speak with him. Now he has to figure out where he is, who captured him, why he was sent here, and, if possible, how to get back home!

Great forces move as a young man finds himself suddenly taken from home by a strange people to explore a strange land. He does not know he is to explore nor does he even know who has taken him or why. Joe struggles to survive in a strange world of unusual peoples and cultures but his experiences prove to the task. Many learn from him just as much as he learns from them.

Joe learns of the world, of the strange forces within it, and gains friends and a new family along the way. He will be ground to nothing, but will find himself once more.

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