Kenny King – The Turning: System Reboot


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Kenny King – The Turning: System Reboot

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Where were you the day the Turning happened?

It was a phrase that meant nothing… until it did.

Because about four weeks ago the world simply turned. One day we had iPhones and GoPros, Mickey Mouse and hamburgers, and the next day… The next day we had magic and monsters.

And us humans? We became players… With levels, items, and classes. Pretty ironic considering how many times my parents told me to “quit gaming and experience real life” while I was growing up. And then real life grabbed us by the balls, and it was the gamers who were prepared.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. You probably want to know how I managed to get to level thirteen in a single day. How I mastered the art of Eternal Flame and Absolute Zero. How I managed to summon a gigaclops and tame a tarasque.

But perhaps you’re more interested in legendary weapons? Perhaps I can tempt you with a tale about how I forged the ancient Frostcaliber and used it to slay the lich king. Or, if Leon Kennedy’s your kind of guy, I did save the president’s daughter, but instead of zombies, it was bloodthirsty apes.

But if none of those are your thing, how about just a simple tale, a tale about a guy, his best friend, a loyal golden retriever, a little girl, and her beloved cat? Practically heartwarming, right? Well… all except for the copious amounts of gore.

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