Ascension – Matthew Husar

The Advent of the game-like System changed everything. The world shifted as Gates and Gate Breaks turned society upside down. The other side of that chaos was ruled by the elites who control the Hunters’ Associations. Orphaned in the Advent and the turmoil that followed, James aka Skillful C, has grown into the best Hunter he can be. A man denied Skills, the transcendental gifts of the System, and his rightful place in his father’s guild, James has tried his hardest coming up short again and again to his Skilled brethren. Those Hunters stand astride the changed world. Yet the...

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Eric Dontigney – Unintended Cultivator

He never intended to be a cultivator. The heavens have another plan… Sen never dreamed of ascension. Such were the aspirations of the rich young nobles, not orphans like him, scraping together a meager living on the streets of Orchard’s Reach. However, when destiny takes an unexpected turn, Sen finds himself thrust into the role of a cultivator’s disciple. Chosen over the nobles who once looked down on him, he is adopted into a makeshift family of three ancient cultivators, each with a lifetime of knowledge and insights. These old monsters will teach Sen everything they can, from the art...

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Adam Horne – Genesis Online

Kevin was a young man enjoying his college life when a car jumped the curb and crippled his body. Unable to support himself and dependent on others to meet his needs, Kevin was slipping into depression when his best friend convinced him to play a new game called Genesis Online. The concept was simple: a revolutionary artificial intelligence controlled the game world and adapted it to the actions of the players. Even the developers didn’t know what course the game could take as it evolved. Lured into the game by the prospect of earning real money, Kevin soon runs afoul...

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F.L. Riley – Renewal and Rebirth

Jai survives smugglers, assassins, Cultivators, and petty young masters. She has progressed to the Qi Gathering Realm for cultivation and claimed her barony as a reward. Now it’s time to make the most of the Heavenly opportunities she has encountered. “For those unfamiliar with my writing style, Second Chances was my first attempt at writing.  I’m not sure how much I learned in the process, except that readers get angry when you mess with characters they like! Warnings – I tend to info dump.  I know I do this, I like slice of life novels that take time to unfold. ...

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E.M.Griffiths – The Newt and Demon

Earth is dying. The sun is expanding at an uncontrollable rate, but Theo Spencer is alright with this. He’s led a deplorable life. When the end comes, a mysterious entity grants him the gift of reincarnation. The gift of a quiet life as an alchemist. Theo awakens in a small town in the southern reaches of a small kingdom in a non-human body. Broken Tusk doesn’t seem like much, but his legendary alchemy skills will soon turn their fortune. Join Theo on his journey to turn the swamp-town of Broken Tusk into a prosperous trade town. This story contains no...

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Alvin Atwater – Rise of the Cheat Potion Maker

In a blink, I found myself in an unknown land, greeted by the textbox of an unfriendly system. It wanted me to become a great hero, save the world, win the love of the people and all that crap. But this new world already had a hero. Why should I bust my ass, deal with dragons and the unknown, for people I didn’t know? Let him deal with that. It’s his job! So instead of being tempted by the system’s nonsense, I chose a simple class. Potion maker. I wasn’t interested in cultivating mana and defying the heavens, courting death,...

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Michael G. Manning – Art of the Adept

The ancient magic of wizards was anything but dark. It was the enlightenment that lifted humanity from the squalor of superstition, and the worship of fell spirits and capricious gods, but those days are gone. The shining glory of the sorcerers burned away the subtlety of wisdom, replacing it with easy power, held only in the hands of the elite—a new age built upon the elemental supremacy of aristocrats and the ignorance of the masses. But this will change, for the greatest power comes with knowledge, and the deeper teachings of wizardry have not been utterly lost. The last wizard...

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JackWake – The Salamanders

Hadica was built around one of five Towers, an infinite structure filled with floors of monsters, magic, and treasures that the city plunders like clockwork. Most of the city, at least. Growing up in Westhill, Micah’s family abstained from all of their Tower’s bounties. He became an [Alchemist] at an age younger than most and just wanted to level in peace, but soon ran out of mundane ingredients to brew into potions. Ryan is a budding [Fighter] with the strange ability to mimic beasts, including monsters, but he doesn’t understand it or even himself. After a Tower climb goes horribly wrong,...

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R.J. Triveri – Incipere Online

In 2049, the Singularity has emerged from the depths of the internet, and the world is better for it. Earth has entered a golden age of technology, and man and artificial intelligence share the world in peace. For those that aren’t satisfied with the physical humdrum of Earth, the Singularity’s people eagerly welcome humans into their home of Incipere. But new golden age or not, the world keeps on turning as it always has, and it still isn’t always datum and daisies. Just ask Athos Aramis. After being mugged, stabbed, and left with a critical spinal injury, Athos’s last option...

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Kaleb England – The Way Ahead

What do you do when you don’t fit in? Edwin never really felt many connections to other people, but as a physics student, that was fine. He didn’t really need it, anyway. He was content to peel back the mysteries of the universe… not that there were many left to find. Modern-day research was just too well-established, too well-trodden for any single enthusiast to make any significant headway. But that doesn’t apply to other worlds. Not ones where magic and Skills run rampant, where well-defined roles and Classes dominate much of society with little room for novel experimentation from its residents. That...

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