Buttopia – Learning to Love Time Loops Without Going Insane

Please try to keep your sanity as you read about talking dogs, aliens, magic and even a trip to Mars. Cal is just an average deliveryman, doing his best to get through his ordinary life in one piece. However, thanks to a chance meeting when he was a child, he’s doomed to live his life across repeating time loops as he attempts to unravel the secrets behind an alien invasion while trying to determine what caused him to be stuck in time. Along for the ride with him is a mad scientist, a crotchety retiree, Cal’s own father, and Bug,...

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Meakashi – Demon Princess Magical Chaos

Death and Reincarnation. Kuroe Makoto, tomboyish ace of her high school track and field club, never spared a thought for these things before. However, when she one day wakes up in a fantasy world, those concepts become her reality. She was reincarnated in her sleep without even knowing the reason for her passing. But unlike in the light novel settings she’s familiar with, she didn’t become the overpowered protagonist who fights evil and gathers a harem of beautiful girls. Instead, she is reborn as ‘Chaos’, the child of the demon queen and heir to a kingdom at war with humanity....

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Dustin Graham – Artificial Jelly

Born to die and be born again, Gell, the Jellyfae must discover her strange connection to the horrible monsters called humans, that speak with words she understands, but seem to want nothing but her death. Driven by a desire for safety and freedom, she ventures forth to Tread the Sky, and finds more worlds than one. About the Story: Artificial Jelly is a Gamelit tale about an Artificial Intelligence born into a Virtual Reality MMO. It is also about all the fear, terror, and real-world implications that might imply, seen through the eyes of an A.I. with no more intelligence...

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Chris Tullbane – Stories From a Post-Break World

From the pages of The Murder of Crows trilogy comes the first stand-alone novel for one of that series’ breakout characters! The Queen of Smiles has long been a mystery, even to herself. A storm of steel wrapped in a human shell, she’s spent decades crossing the continent in search of answers about her origin and the rules she has been forced to live by. Three years ago, under a bright New Mexico sun, she finally got those answers… and they were as unsatisfactory as they come. And so, she withdrew from the world, doing only small jobs for the...

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Annabelle Hawthorne & Virgil Knightley – Master Class

The Demon Lord is dead. The System is broken.Somehow, Elias Hearthsong is neither of these things, despite being at the final battle of the Demon Wars. He is a Master Enchanter, perhaps the last one alive. Determined to keep a promise, he crosses the continent to protect his dead friend’s legacy: a crumbling orphanage run by a beautiful kitsune.He isn’t a teacher, nor does he have experience with children. But with the love of a few good women, anything can become possible.

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Hondo Jinx – Fight Town

WANT TO BE A CHAMPION? FIRST, YOU HAVE TO BECOME A CONTENDER. Murdered for helping a stranger, Johnny Rockledge awakens in Fight Town, a boxing-based VR system where he earns bonuses by pleasing subscribers living vicariously through him. Johnny grew up in Philly with five brothers, so he can fight. But can he box? If he wins, he will create a great life for himself and others. But it’s a long, hard road from walking into a gym to winning the title. Johnny has heavy hands, a granite chin, and world-class heart. Unfortunately, his conditioning sucks, he possesses merely average...

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Nathan Pierce – Tournion

Resurrected to dominate or die again Andric was much like anyone else, further along in his life than he wanted to be. Much further along, and waiting to finally become the main character of his own story. Fate had a funny joke for him, though. He died. Unexpectedly he was given the strangest of plot developments. He resurrected in what seemed to be a GACHA game Being given another chance on another world. One where he could redefine himself, starting with an unknown class of all things. Andric can only roll with it since there really isn’t any other choice....

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Ajax Lygan – The Aspect

The choices you make define the person you become. A man wakes up alone in the rain and with no memory of who he is. He soon falls prey to a hungry goblin tribe. After escaping with his life thanks to the help of a beautifully powerful orc huntress, the pair find themselves on the wrong side of the law when the man releases a magical explosion nearly killing a dozen bar patrons. With no options available to them, the pair turns to a graceful vulpine alchemist and former lover of the orc huntress to unravel the mystery of the...

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Taniko K Williams – The Nine Tails of Alchemy

Living life in a virtual world was never part of my plan. My dreams of the future were of university, of being a world renown researcher and pharmacist. Being one of the many unfortunates forced into a virtual reality capsule to live out my days as a popsicle, was not part of that dream. But not all dreams can be achieved, and sometimes, it’s the dreams we never knew we had that come true. I dreamed of walking a path of science, and now in a world known only to the mind, I walk a path trodden by the greatest...

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Justin Miller – World Seed

The year is 2245, and the world has undergone explosive growth in multiple industries. The age of Virtual Reality came long ago, opening up new fields for people to enjoy and seek employment. There were even those that chose to sacrifice their physical bodies, becoming digital existences that lived within internet communities. But with the age of VR, everyone still dreamed of that next step, the next level of adventure. And after a hundred years, it has finally arrived. The first consoles, known as Seeds, mass distributed among the people, with such realism that they no longer qualified as a Virtual Reality, but as an Artificial Reality. But what happens when things become too real?

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