DreamTickler – Apocalypse: Reborn As A Monster

In a world corrupted by treachery and ambition, Thorian Steelblade was a fearsome leader, on the brink of conquering the capital and etching his family’s name into history. But betrayal came from within, leaving him broken and defeated. In his final moment, Thorian unleashed a devastating self-destruction spell to ensure his enemies shared his fate. However, Thorian awakens to find himself alive, but far from victorious. Transformed into a weak, white-furred creature called a White Kobold, he is lost and alone in an unfamiliar land. Stripped of his power and his kingdom, Thorian must navigate through a world where humans...

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AbyssRaven – A Dragon Idol’s Reincarnation Tale

A new world. A new primal form. Survival of the fittest reigns supreme! If waking up in a new world isn’t bad enough, Hestia starts her new life as a small, newborn dragon in a hostile forest filled with vicious monsters. With status screens obscuring her vision, her first task is to escape two hungry kobolds wanting some grilled lizard for breakfast. Equipped with fragmented memories from her past life and the game-like mechanics of her new reality, Hestia must face trials, beasts, bosses and more as she grows in size and power. She is determined to find civilization. For...

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Immortal_Simo – Reborn as a DRAGON

My name is Tim, or it was until I died. There was no light at the end of the tunnel, no white room to choose any cheats from, nor was there any meeting with God. I didn’t die heroically while saving someone, and I certainly didn’t get hit by a truck. My death was rather stupid and anticlimactic, I had apparently bumped my head while sleeping and passed away… That should have been the end of the road for me, but like many self-proclaimed main characters, I joined the army of multi-dimensional travelers and was reincarnated. Being an avid light...

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Kuiper – Re: Dragonize

Somewhere in the desert, a dragon egg stirs… Once a physicist with a promising academic career, Drew is suddenly reborn into a new world full of deadly creatures, where every day is a fight for survival. Winning fights is a lot easier if you have the powers of an apex predator at your disposal…but it’ll be a long journey to reach that point. A freshly-hatched dragon can only do so much. Drew has always considered violence a last resort. Why turn to fists (or claws) when a more thoughtful and creative solution might be possible? But bloodless pacifism isn’t exactly...

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AvaritiaBona – Draka

I guess I’m a dragon now. That’s just the kind of thing that can screw up a girl’s whole month. I took a bad fall while exploring a cave. When I got out, I found the world, and myself, changed beyond recognition. We didn’t have any monsters back home, unless you count the spiders. And claws and teeth, wings and a tail, horns and scales, all those are going to take some getting used to. So is hunting for my meals and fighting to survive. But I won’t give up. I’m going to fight to live, and to stay myself....

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Zoe Townley – Reborn as a Defective Drake

He remembers dying. He remembers darkness. And then… he woke up inside of an egg. Reborn as a dragon in a realm of magic and knights, this plucky fellow doesn’t appreciate his new murderous siblings. He also thinks that the giant ice wyverns should stop screaming so much when they duel for territory, the monster chicken needs to be relocated from his vicinity, small lizards with teeth need to leave him alone, and Cecily Snoweldon is either a gift from above or his form of eternal condemnation. He’s not sure yet. She’s kind of weird.

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Necoco – Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling

Our hero wakes up one day in a brand new world…but his new life doesn’t come with fighting skills or magic powers, or even arms and legs! He’s reborn as a helpless egg, stuck in an unfamiliar forest surrounded by terrifying, hungry beasts. But eggs hatch, hatchlings grow up, and humble beginnings can lead to something great. He’ll do his best to become the strongest dragon ever, and no measly shell will get in his way!

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Blind_Watcher – Ogre Tyrant

Tim wakes up to find he is naked and alone in a fantasy world that has officially labeled him an Ogre in what he believes to be a cruel joke. Before he can get his bearings, Tim is enslaved and put to work killing other monsters for his new masters. Kindhearted and used to being pushed around, Tim must find his spine and turn the tables on a world that would see him dead or in chains. Intended as a slow burn progression and character progression story, there will be no harems amongst the primary cast of characters. More Gamelit...

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Luke Chmilenko & G. D. Penman – Savage Dominion

Maulkin didn’t know dying would mean a new eternity of dungeon delving, monster slaying, and glory hunting. If he had, he wouldn’t have been so worried about kicking the bucket on a date gone even more wrong than usual. Reborn in the wild world of Amaranth, Maulkin finds himself in a hulking demi-human body with a sword of a size to match. Marked as an Eternal, a fledging immortal of boundless potential, Maulkin soon discovers he’s been given a mission by the elder pantheon of this new realm: Grow stronger. Ascend to godhood. Spread chaos in their name. Oh and...

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Timothy McGowen – Last Born of Ki’darth

Nick was going to make something of himself. He was not going to be just another guy drifting through life. Then he died. Lucky for him he caught the attention of an eccentric god and gets to choose. Reincarnation or travel beyond. Nick is reborn as a champion of Ki’darth people. He must learn their ways, stay alive, and work to understand the Titan system one level at a time. Join Nick and his trusty talking book, Neako as they complete quests, learn new abilities, and gain levels!

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