Ria Corvidiva – Godslayer Lysette

The gods themselves will soon fear divine retribution. Lysette’s life should have ended the night inquisitors annihilated her village. But an act of divine intervention gave her a second chance. Now reborn as a Godslayer, Lysette has a new goal – revenge against those who took everything from her. To avenge her family, she will first need to gain far more power through study, training, and undertaking missions for her new patron. But her actions quickly attract the attention of allies and enemies alike, all interested in this new Cultivator. With new friends at her side, Lysette will form a...

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V.J. Lawman – Rebirth: Chronicles of the Worldbreaker

Ned Cartwright finds himself in a strange world populated with fantasy creatures after being rescued, sort of, from a fatal accident. He’s told by a crow that Ned now resides in a simulated world built to test the people brought there, but what is the test? How do you pass it? If this is a game, what’s its object? He was a high school English teacher with a family. Now, he’s alone in a world where monsters are real, the nobility is ruthless, and life is brutal. Grieving his lost family, Ned sets out with the system UI to recover...

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Frank D. Goods – Theomancer

An irascible reject from modern society ends up as one of the summoned people in another world after a cataclysmic event rips his original dimension apart, but will the premise of a chance to start over hold up to the reality of how things work? only one way to find out! Follow along Darwin’s adventures while he pioneers his unrecorded class in a whole new world, where colors and willpower are two of the most important things to keep in mind to survive, besides respecting the local Gods (and avoiding stronger pricks that are just waiting for an excuse to...

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Zenkarn – Reincarnated for an Apocalypse Store

Retail is hell, but hell might have been preferable. A baseball bat to the head kills, and Arthur Clark is no exception. A former wage slave, he finds in his death that the dragon goddess and her children want him to keep working – to bring economic prosperity to a ruined city. Now he has gangsters, wannabe superheroes, and starving survivors as his customers, and an inventory to scavenge from the roaming mutated wildlife. If only this was as easy as it’d been in his books.

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Andrew Karevik – Village Manager

I guess trying to catch the bus with your laces undone isn’t such a smart decision after all… One fatal collision later and I’m facing my judgment. As it turns out, I’ve been a lazy sob and my short, uneventful life of playing games and getting up late wasn’t worth much. And so I don’t qualify to move on to the afterlife. I try to argue to the goddess in front of me that I do have skills, that it was hard work playing those simulation and management games. But she will not concede. In the end, I manage to...

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J Parsons – A God’s Chosen

John awakes with fractured memories of his life and is offered a deal to escape the eternity of madness that awaits any untethered souls in the Depths. Acting as a champion for Morden, a god who is loathed by many of the more ‘civilised’ gods, John must fight in The Realm, a layer of reality constructed specifically to entrap repeated invasions from another reality and fight them where the fallout is manageable. John will need to forge an empire, build his forces and learn how to best work with the worshippers of Morden. The God of Monsters and The Lost.

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Chikao J – Traveller’s Trial

Koji Athame left his house for the first time in five years today. When what was supposed to be a quick trip to visit his parents, turns into a deadly crash. Koji finds himself waking up in a realm of danger and wonder beyond his wildest imagination. It doesn’t take long to figure out he’s not in Kansas anymore, after escaping a monster attack and unlocking his new Traveller system, Koji learns that the Trial he and the other survivors are in will only exist for 4 more days, and only the strongest can escape. With time ticking against him...

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Ro Yu Jin – The Second Coming of Glutony.jpg

“The son of god Gula has returned.” I was lost in the world of gambling. I turned my back on my family and even betrayed my lover. I wasted every day of my life. It was the life of trash. The reality told me thus – that I would amount to nothing no matter what I did. In order to change my pathetic life, I chose fantasy, instead. Even then, it was the same story. I wondered if salvation would come at the end of the long road. But, I was forced to kneel down in defeat in front of...

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Daoist Enigma – The Legendary Fool

Thomas Lowe was destined for a life of mediocrity as he worked a dead-end job in rural america. But fate seemed to have other plans for him. One card changed everything. A power beyond imagination. A prophecy that put him in the crosshairs of Ancient Clans and Noble Houses that have existed since the dawn of the first era. The name of that card was…. [Card Name: The Fool] [Rank: Ephemeral/ Legendary-Unique] 

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Devan Drake – The Wolf King’s Lair

Dave Smith is having a bad day, week, month, maybe even year. Freshly unemployed, facing eviction and now he’s been transported to a fantasy world. A wish come true for many a geek, if only he hadn’t died less than a day after he arrived. Now trapped in this fantasy realm’s version of purgatory, he faces the prospect of trying to navigate a new existence as a dungeon. That wouldn’t be so bad, except ending dungeons seems to be the path out for many of the other denizens of these Proving Grounds. To make matters worse the deities of this...

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