Lily Lashley aka Etzoli – Epilogue

Three teenagers return from waging revolution in a magical dimension—but someone is missing—in this devastating fantasy fans are calling “a must read” and “an instant classic.” When Matt Westin opens his eyes, he’s back on Earth—and seven years younger than when he went to sleep. For the last seven years, Matt and his sister, Jen, along with friends Carl and Blake, have been in the fantasy world of Cyraveil, revolutionaries fighting to overthrow a dictatorial empire. Now they’ve suddenly returned to their quiet Oregon suburb, where they’re expected to go to high school and act like normal American teenagers. But...

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S.R. Fauth – Mercenary Mage

Reeve SilverStar: War Mage, Convict, Slave. A survivor of some of the most heinous and brutal fighting ever conducted on his world. He finally escaped the cycle of war and death only to find himself kidnapped, taken to a new universe where nothing makes sense. A world where nothing is familiar and insane robots, killer AI, and otherworldly beings he can hardly comprehend are the norm. He must learn to survive these constant threats to his very survival, all the while learning that these new experiences are changing him. Molding him into something new… something extraordinary. Follow Reeve through desolate...

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John Rickett – Savage Legends

Grum! Defiler of Corpses. Grum! The Butcher of Balor. Grum! The God Stomper. Grum! …Minimum-wage Barista? The vortex. The feeling of being ripped apart. When he’d awoken after the fight with Albatross, he was in this realm. A realm filled with tall buildings and small people, with no way to get home—and nothing to kill to make himself feel better about it. Then he saw it, taped to the window of Tarbean Café: HELP WANTED A quest! In his realm, he’d looted every dungeon, butchered every end-game boss, ravaged the entire map in a crashing wave of blood and glory....

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Miles English – In Another World

Don’t bring a sword to a gunfight… Unless it has +5 radiant damage. Henry’s life as a valiant defender of the realm is over—stolen away when he is transported to a strange new world. Instead of horses and swords, it has cars, rent, hamburgers, and a gun-toting part-time waitress named Shana. There isn’t much use for a white knight atop a fiery steed… or is there? Thankfully, Henry’s ability to level up and unlock powerful new skills hasn’t abandoned him. In fact, Shana is starting to level up, too. But there’s a catch. Turns out, they’ve caught the attention of...

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