Rhea Zulu – Lightning Lancer

[CONGRATULATIONS, INHABITANTS OF EARTH 32175! YOUR WORLD HAS BEEN SELECTED TO BE THE 36TH FLOOR OF THE DEIWOS TOWER] The godly society, the Deiwos Clan, has obtained a Tower, and like all other gods across the multiverse, they are looking for exceptional players who will provide them with karma. Oblivious to the machinations of the gods, Langa Zulu, a young South African athlete with his whole life ahead of him, chooses to become a player so that he can climb the Tower and return to Earth. A marvellous place, inside the Tower, every floor is a world of its own,...

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Infinityphoenix – Keeper of Totality

The death of the Hero reset the timeline. That wasn’t what Lucille had intended when she made that last soul attack while dying. But she returned to Earth and tried to do the obvious thing: use her knowledge of the future to dominate the System’s five realms. Except A: She messed up and got this ‘Shard of Totality’ object in her eye. B: Her Status is broken. And C: The Hero remembers everything, and has his own agenda regarding her other identity, Adrianna Riftmire. She could be doomed. But as a master of soul magic and former Archmage, she’s not...

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J Pal – Tower of Cards

Stack your Deck. Climb the Gaia Tower. Defeat its Guardians. Almost half a century has passed since prison ships en route to Australia discovered the mysterious Tower rising out of the Indian Ocean, known as Gaia. Monarchies, republics, and trading giants came together to build a city around it and contain the monsters spilling out of the rune-covered structure. The few that dared enter and climb it learned the magic of Gaia’s runic cards. Now, most people enter the tower seeking fame, fortune, or power. Not Diya Sen. He climbs hoping to find clues about his missing brother and to...

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Jamie Kojola – Odyssey of the Ethereal

Aesca Lampi, Librarian and Raid Leader in Eldest Fantasy Wars Online died and is reincarnated in the shape of her former character. She’s charged by Primordials to defeat ten Towers and free a world from the tyranny of the Goddess of Misery, but as a cavalcade of other Primordials and figures from Creation Myths show up, Aetheria suspects these old gods have plans for her far beyond the world of Grief. Accompanied by her soul-bonded StarMane (Dragon-cat) companion Arkaziel, she must delve the mysteries of the universe while muddling through the constant interference of so called Higher Powers.

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Kerberos – A Summoner Awakens

Essence to gather. Cards to Level. A Summoner’s Deck to build. After the collapse of the known world, Rowan Wilder opened his eyes and found himself on the First Floor of the Tower. With a flawless memory and a mere eight Cards to his name, he must venture out and prepare himself for the coming calamity. In this place of blood and fantasy, Rowan has to not only survive but thrive as he powers his way to the top of the Tower. The Demonic Plague that has twisted the creatures on the upper Floors is the least of his worries...

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Samuel Fleming – A Battleaxe and a Metal Arm

A sorceress with a metal arm and a barbarian with a battleaxe journeying across impossible, changing realms. Helesys is cunning, driven-and trapped. Her only ally is a towering barbarian who’s as cold as his blade. Together, they’ll have to survive impossible realms and find their memories in the process. As her powers come back, Helesys feels confident that the two of them will make it out or die trying… But even death might not be an escape. If you like gritty fantasy, awe-inspiring realms, larger-than-life characters, vicious monsters and eldritch horrors-then you’re in the right place. Episode 1-5: The first...

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Stephanie Benamati – Spire Dweller

The 1st floor of the World Spire has been humanity’s home for as long as anyone can remember. With cities and towns scattered across several million square miles, most residents live out their years within protective walls. Simultaneously guarded and oppressed by powerful cultivators—people who can utilize qi to perform superhuman feats—the average citizen learns early on to both respect and fear those that keep the deadly Spirit Beasts away. When Samantha receives a quest notification to become a cultivator herself, she goes against her family’s wishes and leaves the relative safety of her town to complete it. She knows...

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Ivan Kal – Tower of Power

Morgan used to be a pretty normal guy. He went to college by day and played online games by night, leading his guild into new conquests—until he got hit by a car, and a dude wearing a wetsuit appeared in front of him. The man offered him a new chance at life in a world that he had created, a world with similar rules to the games that Morgan loved to play. There is the promise of great rewards and power, he says, if Morgan manages to complete the Tower of Power. Stupid name, I know. Morgan didn’t usually trust...

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Han Yang – Dragon Riders of Lon

Climb the tower. Save the planet. Become a Dragon Rider. Inside the Dragon’s Tower, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. To win, climbers from all corners must brave the harrowing floors one by one. Each floor is tougher and the higher the floor, the less success there is. After a hundred floors filled with unique challenges, a prize awaits – a dragon’s egg. To Tem, the Dragon’s Tower seems simple from his distant farmland on the frontier. The harsh truth of the situation involves politics, personal sacrifices, and unfathomable struggles to keep advancing. The fate of world...

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Adam Elliot – Tower of Babel

Launch day. That was what they called it. The day when over four million people vanished in an instant from the island of Manhattan. The day earthquakes ravaged the east coast. The day a one hundred and one kilometre tall tower rose from the wreckage of the now empty city. The day every screen, newspaper, and smart phone displayed a single message from an unknown source: The Great Emperor has issued his challenge.From the ruins of the Old World rise the Tower. Its doors will soon open, and the great game will begin.A hundred floors and a hundred challenges await...

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