Kia Leep – Glass Kanin


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Kia Leep – Glass Kanin

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written Mature Content 800 Pages

Dying should be as bad as it gets.

But when Kanin’s soul is snatched from its path to the afterlife to be bound to a bottle of ink, he’s cast into a new world where his sole purpose is to perform a senile wizard’s yard work.

Determined to evade magical errands, upgrade his fragile body, and return home (preferably alive), Kanin teams up with an elf trapped in a toy octopus to find a way to break their spells. But a murderous void has been shadowing him from the start, and if he can’t discover a way to defeat it soon, it threatens to consume him—mind, body, and soul.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Early Industrial Era    Reincarnation (Non-Human)EvolutionForbidden PowerIsekai/TransmigrationReincarnationWeak to Strong Gay/LesbianLead MaleLGBT+ Magic General AbilitiesMage (Pure)Unique AbilityGlass ExtrovertWitty / Humorous Moderate Progression First Person Medium Paced Party Focus Light Stats Intimacy

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