Kristoffer Pauly aka Dosei 土星 – Father of Monstrosity

Kristoffer Pauly aka Dosei 土星 – Father of Monstrosity

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4.44 / 5

Series Summary

At the age of seven, Jakob is summoned to the sewer kingdom of Helmsgarten by a Fleshcrafter calling himself Grandfather. He is made the depraved man’s apprentice for seven years, until being released upon the civilisation with the vague task of creating the ‘ultimate being’.

With the loyal wight, Heskel, by his side, Jakob works his blade and magic upon the people of the metropolis, while steadily growing his knowledge of arcane arts.

Along his journey, Jakob creates many monsters and constructs, while dodging the noose of the guards and the Kingdom’s justice. He cavorts with demons and their spawn, joins the Adventurers’ Guild in his voracious hunt for knowledge, fights nightmares of his own creation, and parleys with Demon Lords and Great Ones.

All the while, callous Gods watch their schemes unfold, schemes in which Jakob is to play a significant role.

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