Lessgently – Pallesia

Lessgently – Pallesia

Series Rating
4.1 / 5

Series Summary

“Pallesia” follows the story of Lee, a young man who died of cancer at 23. However, instead of passing into the “nothing” he thought was afterlife, Lee finds himself in a fantasy world filled with magic and mythical creatures.

As he navigates this new world, Lee discovers that he can create healing magic and decides to use his newfound powers to help those around him. Aiming to teach the world about his knowledge of healing, as well as the spells he has created, he will meet with a variety of fantasy races, and face many challenges. Monsters do not care about his noble goal, and there may be those who seek to use Lee’s healing powers for their own.

Lee’s adventures will take him to many new places, from bustling cities to treacherous wildernesses, as he faces the many challenges along the way.

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