Lillene – After the End: Serenity

Lillene – After the End: Serenity

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We all want to believe we are heroes of our own story – unless we want to be the villain, of course.

At the end of everything, the Final Reaper decided he hadn’t been a hero. Driven by a desire to right the wrongs he was subjected to, he killed everyone who wronged him or his people – which turned out to be everyone that wasn’t killed by someone else first. He’d won – but it was a hollow victory.

Eventually, Order’s Voice found a way out. If the only existing being would agree to give up most of his power, the Voice could reset the multiverse to an earlier time with a few minor changes. Of course, the Voice couldn’t ask it that way. It could only ask if the Final Reaper was willing to start over from when Earth was first brought into Order.

It was an easy decision, and yet it wasn’t. Was he willing to go through eons of pain again to not be alone?

Yes. In a heartbeat.

Not that his heart beat anymore. Now it would. Perhaps he could even be a hero, this time.

When he landed in his old body – more or less – on Earth, the Final Reaper once again became Thomas. He was both and neither. He needed a new name for a new life.


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