Louis Kalman – Desolada

Louis Kalman – Desolada

Series Rating
4.10 / 5

Series Summary

A young man with magical gifts is caught in an immortal battle between demons and demigods in the first book of this grimdark fantasy series.

Leones Ansteri was only sixteen when they came to kill him for the heresies his father had committed against the Archons—the mighty demigods who keep the peace in the Civilized Lands and prevent the evil Goetia from enslaving all of humanity. But even as the flames of the Magisters burned everything Leones knew to the ground, they awakened in him a power he didn’t know he possessed: the ability to manipulate time.

Alone and on the run, Leones finds refuge in the city of Odena, seeking out the opportunity to apprentice with the philosophers and build his skills in magic, mental manipulation, and swordsmanship. But as Leones grows more confident in his temporal abilities, he realizes all is not well in Odena.

Demons, long thought to be banished, have been spotted in the city, and Leones soon discovers he can’t trust his friends, his teachers, even his own memories. For unbeknownst to him, he’s become embroiled in a desperate battle for domination that will alter not only his own fate but the destiny of the entire world…

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