LUCIFER666666 – My new Life as a Dungeon Core

LUCIFER666666 – My new Life as a Dungeon Core

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3.71 / 5

Series Summary

Thomas, a miserable 30 year old man, with a horrible past and a hate for most people. Works a dead end job 18 hours a day every day just to survive. One shift he ends up paying the ultimate price, and with his last few conscious thoughts he dreams of revenge on all the people that wronged him. Instead of the void of nothingness found in death, he returns as a crystal, a deep onyx gem without a body or voice. A dungeon core, in a fantasy world.

All the knowledge of his past life and the memories that caused him so much pain are retained. With only a disembodied voice to guide him he’s instructed on how to fulfill his goal of being a dungeon.

Thomas has to decide between being a heartless killing machine or retaining as much of his humanity as possible. Decisions come with consequences and when you know that you have no more chances at life, you should make the most of the ones you have.

Follow Thomas through sanity and insanity while trying to stay alive, and claim just revenge on those whom deserve it.

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