LunaWolve – The Allbright System


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LunaWolve – The Allbright System

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written AI Assisted WritingMature ContentSensitive Content 2400 Pages

Thea has always dreamt of joining the United Human Federation marine corp, ever since she was saved by one of their marines at a young age in the Undercity of Lumiosia.

Growing up in an undercity meant however, especially in a mid-world such as Lumiosia, that she would have to work her way up from the very bottom. She would need to leave for one of the inner or core worlds, before she had any chance of applying to the UHF marines, but for that, she needed credits.

Having spent a lot of time in the local arcade for many years, she had accumulated a lot of technical knowledge in repairing the old-tech machines, as well as gained a high proficiency in a lot of the simulators and games featured.

Preparing for the monthly reset day, in which the ladders for each game get updated by the local quantum node and prizes are distributed for the top performers, she never would have anticipated a brand new challenge appearing from thin air.

A challenge which changed the path of her life forever…

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Sci-fi    Future Era    Guns/Modern Weaponry Lead Female Young Third Person

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