M.J. Lau – The Virtual Realms Series

M.J. Lau – The Virtual Realms Series

Series Rating
4.14 / 5

Series Summary
Everett Starner is a nobody.

He doesn’t play sports. He’s not smart enough to stand out in school. He’s not really good at anything except video games, which would be fine … if they didn’t randomly trigger his epilepsy.That is, until The Interface: the newest gaming accessory that puts the game in your mind. When he plays Realms of Glory, he doesn’t watch Everstarr level up and score loot, he is Everstarr. He becomes the somebody he can never be in real life.

It’s fun at first — his clan amasses top-notch loot and rises in the ranks. Everstarr makes a name for himself: Lord Starr.

But he also makes some powerful enemies.

When Jake da Rippa and General Sulla show up with their armies at the gates of Lordz Landing, Starr finds himself locked in a multi-clan struggle, unsure of who he can trust…

… and if any of them can make it out alive.

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