Mark Ocean – The tales of the Omnidragon


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Mark Ocean – The tales of the Omnidragon

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The Omnidragon is a legendary creature, equipped with untold power and mastery over all the elements, then paired with the might of a dragon and the wisdom of the ages.

Only a single member of their kind can exist at the same time, and all of them share the same soul. Each time they incarnate, the world is warped with a significant shift in power between monsters and mortals, who both desire the power of this being for themselves… or to take it away from others by any means necessary.

Nashariel is the latest incarnation of this incredible being. Born in the city of Andriel, devoted to Astill the Goddess of Compassion, she is torn between the teachings she received and her draconic instincts that push her to fight more and more dangerous beings to return to her old glory. Seen as either a threat or a resource, Nashariel will soon find herself playing pawn in the board of the strong. Will she be able to rise above it? Or will the omnidragon be chained to other’s will, and need another incarnation to reach the top?

{NOTE}{Series has been removed from Royal Road, unsure when or if it will return}

Dragons Lead Female Third Person

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