Martin McKenzie – Fateless

Martin McKenzie – Fateless

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Graeme only wanted a pint.

He’d even have taken one of those horrid new strawberry-flavoured beers in a pinch, but it seemed Fate had other plans. Which is strange, because as it turns out, Graeme is possibly the only being in the universe unaffected by the otherwise tangible and divine force of destiny. Immune to its machinations, he is Fateless.

So, when he inadvertently disrupts his best friend’s summoning into another world, the Gods offer him a choice. Fix the mistake, or sentence said friend and the world he’s destined to save to a particularly nasty end.

Reborn into a new world in the body of a Minotaur, Graeme will have to survive frozen wastes, vicious slavers, and perilous dungeons. All whilst adapting to strange, game-like powers, delivered and explained to him by an overly enthusiastic voice in his head.

It’s not all bad news though. Sure, he’s the only Scotsman he knows with horns, but this lack of Fate seems to come with some benefits. The ability to wreak havoc with the pre-ordained plans of the Gods might just give him the edge he needs.

Guess the pint will have to wait.

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