Marvin Knight – Paladin of the Sigil

Marvin Knight – Paladin of the Sigil

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4.53 / 5

Series Summary

The surface world is a strange place for a young man who grew up in Hell.

Darren was just a boy when he and his mother were betrayed by paladins and chased beneath the earth. There, with only his paladin’s sigil and his quests to guide him, Darren grew from boy to man. Born in fire and blood, Hell itself sculpted the perfect paladin.

Years later, after a lifetime of fighting demons and battling a world full of nightmares, Darren finally returned to the surface. But the world above ground has just as many trials to face as Hell itself, and not all of Darren’s enemies are demons.

Darren’s foes lurk in wait, and he will need all his strength to make new friends and build a life atop the ashes of his mysterious past.

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