LunaWolve – The Allbright System

Thea has always dreamt of joining the United Human Federation marine corp, ever since she was saved by one of their marines at a young age in the Undercity of Lumiosia. Growing up in an undercity meant however, especially in a mid-world such as Lumiosia, that she would have to work her way up from the very bottom. She would need to leave for one of the inner or core worlds, before she had any chance of applying to the UHF marines, but for that, she needed credits. Having spent a lot of time in the local arcade for many...

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Tall Owl – Pushing Back Inevitability

The God of War from the world of Efra, Roki, sets his eyes on Earth and begins the process of invasion. The dormant gods of our world stir for the first time in millennia to call forth mortals to push back against the inevitable. Lawrence Able is a failed writer; still living at home with his parents. He is by all accounts, a loser, yet still those fickle gods find some ember of potential in him and send him an invite in the form of a popup on his computer.

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Eibon Ethos – Genesis: A Dungeon Core Story

Elysia is a new dungeon core in the vast Realm, a ring of mountains filled with various magical valleys and three human kingdoms. As they learn to use their native abilties to shape the land and create life, it becomes aware and interested in the world outside of it’s Domain. Being unable to leave and only expand Elysia works towards a plan. To create creatures and make them Adventurers, mercenaries that travel and see the world. Meanwhile the world is facing the plans of an old Shaman turned Blood Mage who has been long planning the end of the Kingdoms...

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Perizou – Maze – The Endless Quest

As all kids do, Hera wanted to be an explorer. Sadly when she turned 18, she discovered that her stats and lack of skills made her fail the requirements to become one, and she went to work on a bookstore. That should have been the end of her story. But when she wins a lottery to have her level up, she discovers a hidden skill and a rare one at that. The system gave her dream back, and this time she is not letting it go.

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