Maxime J. Durand – The Perfect Run


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Maxime J. Durand – The Perfect Run

Non-LitRPG Completed - WrittenCompleted - Audio 3 Book(s)
1600 Pages

Ryan “Quicksave” Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It’s a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere.

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending… no matter how many loops it takes.

RoyalRoadEbookMale NarratorWeb NovelAudio Book Comedy   Sci-fi    Modern Era   Post-Apocalypse    Cybernetic ModificationsGuns/Modern WeaponryRomanceTime LoopTime Travel Lead Male Murder Hobo OP (Over Powered) Third Person Fast Paced Solo Focus No Stats

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