Michael Chatfield – Ten Realms


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Michael Chatfield – Ten Realms

LitRPG & GameLit Completed - WrittenCompleted - Audio 12 Book(s)

Erik West is an ex-combat medic. He and his best friend, Marine recon sniper Jimmy ‘Rugrat’ Rodriguez, have been thrown into another world. They’ve become one of the “cursed.” Now they have to figure out this fantasy world, where cultivation, skills, and abilities must be grown… or death awaits.

Ascension is just around the corner, whatever that means. But they’ll need to master magic and temper their bodies to survive. In a world where your personal strength is your greatest value, Erik and Rugrat have to start from the bottom. But they’ve cut their teeth in conflicts all across Earth, and honed their skills over years of training while creating a bond and upholding their honors and oaths.

It’s not a question of if they are ready for the ten realms, but instead are the ten realms ready for them?

EbookKindle UnlimitedMale NarratorPaperbackAudio Book Rural Location    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Western CultivationAlchemyProfessionClans (Gaming)CraftingCultivationTrading/EconomyGuns/Modern WeaponryIsekai/TransmigrationKingdom / Base BuilderMilitary Lead Male Multiple Lead CharactersOP (Over Powered) Heavy Progression Third Person Fast Paced Party Focus

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