Miles English – In Another World

Miles English – In Another World

Series Rating
4.38 / 5

Series Summary

Don’t bring a sword to a gunfight… Unless it has +5 radiant damage.

Henry’s life as a valiant defender of the realm is over—stolen away when he is transported to a strange new world. Instead of horses and swords, it has cars, rent, hamburgers, and a gun-toting part-time waitress named Shana. There isn’t much use for a white knight atop a fiery steed… or is there?

Thankfully, Henry’s ability to level up and unlock powerful new skills hasn’t abandoned him. In fact, Shana is starting to level up, too. But there’s a catch. Turns out, they’ve caught the attention of a secret society that’s devoted to the very system of power that Henry was raised on. Led by the enigmatic Demon King, they aren’t happy about newcomers getting involved in their affairs. Magic, power, experience—the Society wants it all for themselves, and they’ll happily kill whoever it takes to keep it that way.

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