Abby Goldsmith – Torth

In this action-packed space-opera adventure, one disadvantaged hero must ask himself: How do you defeat a galactic empire that can read your every thought? The Majority always gets what it wants. Thomas Hill just wishes it didn’t want him. There’s no way to escape a galactic mob of mind readers, no way for him to blend in with his foster family and other average Americans. Because Thomas invented a way to save his own life. His custom medicine halts the progress of his degenerative neuromuscular disease. Newscasters proclaim him the next Einstein, but mere humans have no idea his bioengineered...

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Buttopia – Learning to Love Time Loops Without Going Insane

Please try to keep your sanity as you read about talking dogs, aliens, magic and even a trip to Mars. Cal is just an average deliveryman, doing his best to get through his ordinary life in one piece. However, thanks to a chance meeting when he was a child, he’s doomed to live his life across repeating time loops as he attempts to unravel the secrets behind an alien invasion while trying to determine what caused him to be stuck in time. Along for the ride with him is a mad scientist, a crotchety retiree, Cal’s own father, and Bug,...

3.93 / 5
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Ros Per – Alpha Rome

As the years start running out, you often find that life has left you completely alone. This is what has happened to one military veteran who’s lived through many of history’s “flash points”. In order to inject some color into his final days, the former soldier signs a contract with a company that has developed a fully immersive virtual world. Project Alpha Rome is a multi-level city plagued by endless wars between humans and mutants. You can play as either species. The best argument in favor of living here is the firepower and the reflexes of your weapons. Our hero...

4.40 / 5
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Alex Kozlowski – Traclaon Armageddon

Eric Peters has been reborn. Sent back in time to change humanity’s fate. After experiencing a future where all of humanity’s planets and colonies had been purged, Eric refused to fall. And so, the Entity chose him to be humanity’s last hope—to be Reborn… The Reborn are galactic boogiemen. Myths and legends used to terrify children and curb the aggression of advanced alien civilizations. They are usually granted boons and abilities able to grow powerful enough to destroy star systems, making them the number one target of every alien race out there. But in Eric’s case, the Entity had screwed...

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Shemer Kuznits – Relict Legacy

On the first day, a mist descended from the heavens blanketing the earth. On the second day, a cryptic message, ‘Infusion commencing’, appeared in the corner of everyone’s eyes. On the third day, the sick were healed and the crippled walked again. On the fourth day, celebration and joy spread across the globe. And on the fifth day, the warping began… There was no warning. A mist descended from the sky, disabling all technology and causing a weird message to appear in the corner of everyone’s eye. The situation grew even worse as animals and people started to warp, transforming...

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Michael Atamanov – Reality Benders

At long last, an extraterrestrial civilization reached out and made the First Contact. However, no one on Earth took their communique for the genuine article. In a similar vein, very few people appreciated just how little time our new suzerains had promised to keep our planet safe. Regardless, the end of their message showed humankind how to access a mysterious game. The objective of this game is unclear. No one can say where its servers are located, and its inner workings are beyond comprehension. But the game slowly gained momentum, pulling in more and more players. Soon enough, it became...

4.39 / 5
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Michael Atamanov – Perimeter Defense

A strange unyielding body that used to belong to Crown Prince George; a weird game you can’t quit until your contract expires; a world teeming with powerful and very real enemies. The game in which your reputation and faction relationship are the only things that matter. Ruslan – a young ambitious gamer – agrees to these terms without hesitation. All that he knows is that he’s been contracted to command a space fleet in a brand new game he knows nothing about. Objective: to survive for six months. He can’t tell anyone about the swap. After having made some inevitable...

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John Acrinoe – More Than Human

‘More than Human’ follows Max, an uplifted dog granted intelligence and a humanoid body. He must navigate prejudice from classmates while undergoing augmentation training to unleash his cybernetic abilities. Meanwhile, his adoptive father Bill, is a maverick inventor on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery—a dimensional technology. It attracts the attention of unscrupulous corporations and the trouble just begins there. A superintelligent AI lurks within the foundation of the world’s technology and manipulates events as the struggle for AI rights intensifies. Will Max overcome societal bias? Can Bill protect his invention from exploitation? And what role does the enigmatic AI...

3.85 / 5
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LunaWolve – The Allbright System

Thea has always dreamt of joining the United Human Federation marine corp, ever since she was saved by one of their marines at a young age in the Undercity of Lumiosia. Growing up in an undercity meant however, especially in a mid-world such as Lumiosia, that she would have to work her way up from the very bottom. She would need to leave for one of the inner or core worlds, before she had any chance of applying to the UHF marines, but for that, she needed credits. Having spent a lot of time in the local arcade for many...

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S.R. Fauth – Mercenary Mage

Reeve SilverStar: War Mage, Convict, Slave. A survivor of some of the most heinous and brutal fighting ever conducted on his world. He finally escaped the cycle of war and death only to find himself kidnapped, taken to a new universe where nothing makes sense. A world where nothing is familiar and insane robots, killer AI, and otherworldly beings he can hardly comprehend are the norm. He must learn to survive these constant threats to his very survival, all the while learning that these new experiences are changing him. Molding him into something new… something extraordinary. Follow Reeve through desolate...

4.10 / 5
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