GoblinHorde – The Cozy Hollow

Amelia becomes caretaker of a neglected cottage in an enchanted wood.  Follow along as she makes friends and eats snacks while dungeon cores and the forces of darkness mold her into their new dark lady. Primarily a cozy fantasy slice-of-life, with only hints of dungeon core and progression.  More-or-less lighthearted.

4.2 / 5
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Zagaroth – No Need for a Core?

An ancient, dreadfully powerful dungeon core that had once been sealed away to slowly fade into oblivion is revived by a chance encounter, though in a much reduced state. A temple monk on her way home for a vacation is distracted into exploring a newly born dungeon due to the cuteness of its rabbit monsters, leading to an entirely unexpected chain of events. A kitsune whose death caused a goddess to pity her fate and revive her as a reincarnated dungeon. These three quickly form bonds of necessity and convenience, but then have to navigate a complex relationship and build...

4.12 / 5
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JollyJupiter – Beers and Beards

Stuck in a new world, his goal is simple—Build the Tavern of his dreams! Pete’s a simple man who enjoys a good drink amongst friends and crafting a tasty ale. Not too much to ask, right? Now, he’s trapped in a fantasy world far from home, stuck underground and inside the body of a smelly dwarf with fantastic facial hair. The worst part? The swill that the dwarves are falling all over themselves to drink. It’s flat, it’s watery, and it has the alcohol content of a rancid coconut. Can Pete save the dwarves from their own sour fate, or...

4.50 / 5
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Justin Marks – The Fort at the End of the World

LEARN – PROGRESS – SURVIVE Jason and his friends just wanted to spend a week at the lake house. Time to relax, hang out, and catch up on old times. Then the System arrived. It only took a few hours for their world to become a real-life roleplaying game; trading some downtime for the need to learn new skills and powers while trying to defend their new home, their families, and survive. They don’t know the rules. They don’t know what’s coming next. What they do know is; they need to reinforce and expand their fort while protecting it, keep...

4.36 / 5
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Maggie Hogarth – Haley and Nana

A Girl, a Grandma, and a Lot of Cookies When the apocalypse hit, Haley was ready to embark on her life-long dream of becoming a wizard! But the system has other plans for her… Enjoy a feel-good slice-of-life short… come away smiling! This story is good for all ages and comes with a recipe so that when you get to the end of it, you can make the cookies and re-read it while eating the cookies the characters are eating. Because that’s the kind of story it is.

4.41 / 5
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Adam Horne – Genesis Online

Kevin was a young man enjoying his college life when a car jumped the curb and crippled his body. Unable to support himself and dependent on others to meet his needs, Kevin was slipping into depression when his best friend convinced him to play a new game called Genesis Online. The concept was simple: a revolutionary artificial intelligence controlled the game world and adapted it to the actions of the players. Even the developers didn’t know what course the game could take as it evolved. Lured into the game by the prospect of earning real money, Kevin soon runs afoul...

4.00 / 5
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Julian Greystoke & Emily Luebke – Adventurer Mage

Mages have never been kind to Maeve. She chafes against the cruel treatment of her highborn masters and does everything she can to escape her work. One night while she is hiding in the library she witnesses a clandestine meeting with a mysterious man that will set her life on a whole new trajectory. A cocky, but injured mage named Valentine makes her an offer of freedom, and that night the two save each other. Valentine’s career as an Adventurer is filled with monsters, deadly traps, and endless travel. Something about this calls to Maeve, who has only known a...

4.00 / 5
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Kris Schnee – Wavebound

Deal Of a Lifetime Ruyo, small-time merchant, makes a bargain with a desperate spirit to restore an ancient shrine. The catch is that she’s now the new Goddess of Water! Divinity might seem like the ultimate gift, but it’s really something she’ll have to earn. With one barely-working ancient shrine and a handful of spells, can she begin to claim full power — and forge a personal legend that makes her worth praying to? “Wavebound Sanctum” is the start of a high fantasy adventure about freedom, obligation, and being in over your head.

4.33 / 5
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Plum Parrot – Falling With Folded Wings

Stranded on a hostile planet, one man finds himself thrust into a fight for survival that could decide the fate of an entire world . . . As an engineer on the arkship Pilgrim-9, bound for the Tau Ceti solar system, Morgan Hall thought his life would revolve around maintaining and repairing the ship and supporting the needs of the five thousand colonists aboard. But when he’s roused early from a 240-year stasis, he’s confronted with chaos. Along with his shipmates, Morgan is brought down to a planet teeming with peril. Forced to fight for their survival without any of...

4.35 / 5
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Laura Brisbois – Geela, Evil Sorceress at Large

A holy priest and an evil sorceress hunting for her ex-husband. What could go wrong? Darkos, holy priest of Alerion, only ever wanted to defeat a great evil and complete his pilgrimage. But when he discovers his innocent, sweet, and catastrophically clumsy companion Geela is actually the exact evil sorceress he swore to destroy, his best-laid plans are turned on their head. In Geela’s defense, she only needed an escort home because her ex-husband changed the locks. However, Darkos has grown on Geela, much like a beloved pet. Or a fungus. Things might have gone sideways, but they can make...

4.23 / 5
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