Nicholas Searcy – Death: Genesis


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Nicholas Searcy – Death: Genesis

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio Mature Content 5 Book(s)

Death is only the beginning in this brutal and bloody post-apocalyptic fantasy about humanity’s next phase.

In pursuit of his abusive father’s approval, Zeke Blackwood pushed himself to the very pinnacle of his chosen obsession. Since childhood, all he’d ever wanted to do was play baseball, and through hard work, discipline, and no small degree of talent, his goal of reaching the major leagues was finally in sight. But then a horrific car accident ruined his arm, eliminating any hope of a professional baseball career.

Consumed by depression, Zeke gave up on his future, preferring to wallow in self-pity. That is, until an opportunity came along for him to prove his worth. When his chronically ill younger brother needed a kidney, Zeke didn’t hesitate to offer one of his own—only to die on the operating table.

But eons later, after Earth has been ravaged by disasters both natural and man-made, Zeke is reborn. Guided by the mysterious Oberon, he soon finds himself in the Radiant Isles, a magical land populated by legendary creatures and horrifying monsters alike. A war rages between good and evil, and Zeke—along with the rest of humanity—has been recruited onto the front lines.

Fully healed from the wounds of his previous life, Zeke battles his way through an army of trolls and other subterranean beings, all the while increasing his skills, improving his strength, and gaining superhuman abilities. Finding allies in Abby, an archer who teaches him about his strange new circumstances, and Pudge, a helpless cub who’s become soul-bonded to him, Zeke must keep collecting victories if he’s to survive in this merciless world.

EbookMale NarratorKindle UnlimitedPaperbackAudio Book Grimdark    Rural Location    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Reincarnation (Own Body)EvolutionIsekai/TransmigrationReincarnationRune/Spell Crafting Lead Male Melee General AbilitiesWarrior/barbarian Has Familiar/PetsOP (Over Powered) Heavy Progression Third Person Medium Paced Mixed Solo/Party Light Stats

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