Nicholas Searcy – Path of Dragons

Nicholas Searcy – Path of Dragons

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4.25 / 5

Series Summary

Elijah is dying.

Afflicted with terminal cancer, his days are limited. So, after deciding to spend his remaining time with family, he boards a plane and sets off for the Pacific Northwest to be with his sister. However, along the way, Earth is transformed by the touch of the World Tree, injecting it with magical Ethera and connecting it to a much larger universe via the System. More importantly for Elijah, though, it also causes his plane to crash, stranding him on a deserted island. But all is not lost, and through the System, he gains the Druid archetype that may be enough to allow him to survive a hostile environment filled with powerful monsters as well as more mundane threats like starvation and the elements.

Meanwhile, his sister, Alyssa, must survive the collapse of civilization as she knows it while trying to keep her family safe.

Follow them as they try to navigate an apocalyptic world full of game-like stats, classes, and threats aplenty.

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