P.A. Parsons – Legends of Arenia


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P.A. Parsons – Legends of Arenia

LitRPG & GameLit Hiatus Mature Content 2 Book(s)

The Sullivans are a normal family. But after being transported to the magical world of Arenia, normal isn’t a luxury they can afford.

It’s just another Thanksgiving for the Sullivans—until the walls disappear and they discover they are being transported to Arenia, a place where game rules are real and their Earthen ability to reincarnate grants them unlimited potential.

Or it would, if the celestial administrator in charge of their case hadn’t mixed up longitude and latitude and sent the wrong family. Oops. Too bad he already faked their deaths.

Now scattered throughout the Arenian wilderness and armed only with their Tomes—books containing all of their skills, accomplishments, and quests—the family members must discover a strength they didn’t know they had if they are going to survive long enough to find each other.

Note: Contains some profanity and a turkey, but not a profane turkey. Personally, I’m fine with profane turkeys, but if that’s where you draw the line, you should know that there are none in this book. In fact, I’m going to promise you no profane turkeys for the entire series. That’s my gift to you.

RoyalRoadEbookMale NarratorWeb NovelAudio Book Comedy   Slice of Life    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Active GodsIsekai/TransmigrationWeak to Strong Lead FemaleLead Male Magic General AbilitiesMelee General AbilitiesMixed / Other Kind Hearted / WholesomeRuthlessWitty / Humorous Multiple Lead CharactersYoungOld Moderate Progression First Person Medium Paced Mixed Solo/Party Light Stats

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