Park Saenal – Overgeared


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Park Saenal – Overgeared

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written 1 Book(s)

Shin Youngwoo is a man who’s barely surviving a pathetic everyday life full of debt. He works daily general labor in order to pay his loan interest. But even to those with a life tainted by misfortune, the Goddess of Luck grants them with a chance of a life time. When ‘Grid’ travels to the Cave of the North End to complete his quest, he comes across the mysterious ‘Pagma’s Rare Book,’ eventually class-changing into a legendary class! However, he now ends up having to do heavy labor even inside a game! With his legendary class, will Grid be able to change his fate?

EbookKindle Unlimited Virtual Reality    ProfessionCraftingLight NovelTranslated Lead Male OP (Over Powered) Third Person

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