Parky – Dreams Come True


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Parky – Dreams Come True

Non-LitRPG Hiatus Mature Content 2300 Pages

In a futuristic world of superheroes and supervillains, the ability to dream of another world doesn’t seem that applicable nor useful. But for Demund, who has recently sent off his best friend to the superhero training grounds—the Preliminary Islands—it was nothing but life-changing. For him, a rejuvenating vacation to a world of magic is now only a good night’s rest away.

As Demund explores his new world, reality around him begins to change. How will he manage to balance their existences together?

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Slice of Life    Both Modern & Fantasy Worlds   School    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era   Modern Era    Reincarnation (Child)Western CultivationCultivationIsekai/TransmigrationMartial ArtsReincarnationWeak to Strong Lead Male Magic General AbilitiesMelee General AbilitiesCheat Power IntrovertKind Hearted / Wholesome OP (Over Powered)Young Light Progression Third Person Slow Paced Solo Focus No Stats

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